July 20, 2014
July 9, 2014



Funny story about laughterkey's blog (well, I find it funny). My coworker was looking for a new blog to browse through so I told him to look up laughterkey. He types it out and says, “I can't find it.” I look at his search bar and he's typed out “Laugh turkey.” 

So that might be a good name for an alternative blog for you.

And now I’ve looked at the word laugh too much and it doesn’t look like a word anymore. 

A) Thanks for recommending the madness that is my blog

B) THIS HAPPENS MORE THAN YOU WOULD THINK AND I WAS SO CONFUSED THE FIRST TIME I WAS CONFRONTED WITH IT. Still, every time I hear it I try to explain, “no it’s not spelled that way” and then I get confused, thinking “IS it spelled the same way?” and things just devolve from there. Seriously though this is a thing that has even been discussed on a podcast.


"They DO exist!" -Santa

July 7, 2014


You bawl your eyes out. If you ball your eyes out then you will be blind.

June 28, 2014
June 24, 2014

#lostmypatients, a tag only previously used by unskilled doctors and neglectful nursing home employees


#lostmypatients, a tag only previously used by unskilled doctors and neglectful nursing home employees

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June 22, 2014
June 13, 2014

picklesandwine said: I wonder if the poster thought everyone was saying “runnin’s” like runnings but in a really southern accented sort of way. But runnings works too I think, as fans might run up to you! Thanks for the clear em’ up post! :D

Ohh!  That makes sense too, a hypercorrection, adding the ‘g’ back on to runnin’s.  We also saw this with the colloquial “hafta” getting cleaned up into “half to.” 

The one thing that’s bad about eggcorn spotting is that you never know if the person who wrote it is a native speaker of English or not.  

For me, eggcorns fall into the Understandable Level:

  • You are a non-native speaker, and you have interpreted [x] in an interesting way. 
  • You are a kid saying The Darndest Things, because you have no education.
  • You are a native speaker, but [x] is archaic/rarely used.

And the Bugs Bunny What A Maroon level.

  • You are a native speaker, and you really have never seen “common sense" or "might as well" written down?  These are the ones I feel a little more comfortable to laugh at. 

I suppose the final type is

  • "I put my brain on autopilot while making this sign and now it says YARD SARD.” 

Alert reader Sandy asks :

unicornery would “weird runnings” instead of “weird run-ins” count as an eggcorn?


Have you had any weird runnings with any of the fans?[x]

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